The ReFresh Cabinet Process

Get a FREE Estimate for a basic remodel using your existing doors and drawer fronts or even a full kitchen remodel. As part of our consulting process we will discuss different options ranging from less to more invasive options. Full kitchen remodels can be as small as just replacing your existing door and drawer fronts to changing the layout, adding or modifying cabinets, replacing countertops and backsplash. We will project manage your project from start to finish.

Schedule your Project

Your cabinet schedule will consist of ONLY 4 to 5 days: Pickup; Frame; and Installation.


Day 1

Our Removal Team will come in and remove your existing doors and drawer fronts. All cabinet frames and existing drawers remain in the home.


Day 2

Our Frame Crew will arrive and tape off floors, ceilings, countertops, walls, appliances, etc. After this step is completed, the cabinets are sanded electronically inside and out with vacuum sanders to help cut down on dust. The frame crew will then apply two coats of a vinyl undercoat. After the undercoat is applied and dry we will putty and hand sand the frame for preparation of your chosen color lacquer. At the end of day two we will remove all of the tape and protective coverings.


Day 3

We call this a dry day. We let everything dry completely on this day.


Day 4

The Install Team will bring your doors and drawer fronts back and install them. We will also install your hardware. You will have a beautiful and fully functional kitchen by the end of the day.