In woodworking and the decorative arts, refinishing refers to the act of repairing or reapplying the wood finishing on an object. In practice, this may apply to the paint or wood finish top coat, lacquer or varnish.


to make “fresh” again, to reinvigorate or cheer (a person, the mind, a kitchen) to freshen in appearance, color, stain, etc. as by a restorative process.

At ReFresh Cabinets, LLC, we restore your confidence in the concept of craftsmanship.
Let’s face it, anyone can strip an old cabinet, slap a coat of paint or varnish on it and call it “refinished.” Yet true refinishing is about more than just the cosmetic appearance that’s produced. Is the piece functional, does it reflect your taste and style when done, are you pleased each and every time you enter your kitchen or bath with the professional look of your refinished effort?

At ReFresh Cabinets, LLC we add the “fresh” to the refinishing process. We add the “cheer” and the feel good delight of entering a bright, modern, restored kitchen at half the cost, and half the time of conventional alternatives. Our professional refinishing process ensures a remarkable transformation from the older, timeworn, styles of yesteryear, to the modern, new trends of today’s HGTV/DIY fashions. Our restorative approach is time-tested and proven. We start from scratch, and get down to the ‘bones’ of the piece – your cabinet’s frame, it’s backbone, stripping and sanding, patching and repairing before the first touch of lacquer is allowed near the refreshed piece.

In recoloring a cabinet we first apply multiple coatings of primer to ensure a strong base from which to apply your new color. This process unlike a process called “Refacing”, which glosses-over or covers-up imperfections, is applied to the entire refinished cabinet. Inside the frame-box and outside match perfectly when we are done, and the results when combined with the stylish, updated cabinet doors (either refreshed or new), new hardware, and the “I love it color” you’ve selected, will astound the eye and transform your kitchen into the gorgeous cooking and entertaining you’ve dreamed of owning.

Craftsmanship is pride in work, skill in working, and satisfaction in the final product. It embodies the meaning of American values and family traditions, upon which our society is founded. At ReFresh Cabinets, LLC, we’re committed to these ideals, and strive every day to provide superior, quality work, at fair, reasonable prices, with extraordinary attention to detail and remarkable customer service. If you haven’t seen a refreshed kitchen done the ReFresh way, you’ve seen only a refinished kitchen and not a “ReFreshed” one. Treat yourself today and visit our showroom or call for a free in-home estimate. We’re positive you’ll be glad you did.