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A refreshing approach to your cabinet’s life!

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Text Box: ReFresh Cabinets is a new company with a fresh approach to renewing the life of your kitchen, bath, living or dining room cabinets.  Our approach is simple—why throw away a perfectly good cabinet simply because you don’t like its color, its style or its tired old look.   
Our services include complete refreshment of your cabinet’s color utilizing a unique spray process that insures a professional, quality finish that looks and feels Factory-Fresh from top to bottom.  
We turn old to modern, worn to shiny, and dull to exciting all at a fraction of the cost of replacement units.  Add a new style of door, upgrade your hardware, or choose any of the contemporary space-saving devices designed to enhance the beauty and convenience of any cabinet in your home.  
Call us today and let our experienced professionals show you what is possible in just a few days and for thousands of dollars less than conventional cabinet replacements.

We Can Save You Thousands Of $$$ On Your Kitchen Remodeling Project!

· Average ReFresh Cabinets Complete

· Cabinet ReFresh: $3,000. - $7,000.

· Typical industry cost comparisons:

· Average Custom Remodel:

· $25,000. - $35,000

· Average Cabinet Replacement:

· $12,000. - $15,000

· Average Nationally Recognized Company

· Reface Price:

       $8,000. - $12,000

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