There’s never a bad time to save money; more so today than ever before. Let Re:Fresh Cabinets show you how you can save thousands of dollars on a complete kitchen cabinet make-over, and in the process get the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Re:Fresh Cabinets is a locally owned and operated cabinet specialist company. We’ve been around awhile, and with our ever-expanding customer base we are the preeminent cabinet refinishing service in the Richmond Metro Area. Our customers rave about our service, and can’t wait to show off their finished products. We really do sell satisfaction in every single job.

Re;Fresh Cabinets offers a wide-range of kitchen, bath, and whole-home services that are stingy on price, yet amazing generous when it comes to empowering your dreams.  Why trash a perfectly functional set of cabinets simply because they are tired, worn and out-dated. Why go through the muss, the fuss, of tearing your kitchen or bath apart just to get new cabinets. Let Re;Fresh transform your existing cabinets into the sleek modern set you’re just dying to have. We guarantee that when we’re done, it would take a cabinet expert to tell the difference between our factory-fresh finished cabinets, and the 20,000.00, 30,000.00 set you’ve agonized over ordering. We save you thousands on your cabinet upgrade, while freeing up your money for the granite counter-top, the new appliance, or the vacation you’ll need after your remodeling is complete.

Check out our customer testimonials, evaluate our rave reviews on Angie’s List, and add up our score with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), we bet you’ll be impressed, but more importantly, after the research you’re only one step away from getting the absolutely perfect set of Kitchen/Bath cabinets that you’ve dreamed of owning.

Give us a call today. Talk to the owners – Jamie & Bryan, let them explain how transforming the mediocre to the extraordinary is an everyday business for these cabinet refinishing masters.